"Mis sie tarvitset oikei hyvvää miestä. Täs siul on sellanen."

    Eero Aho
    Eero Aho has been an actor with Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri and the Finnish National Theatre. In 2008 he was named Best Male Actor at the Marrakech film festival for his role in the film Tears of April. In 2014 he won the Jussi Award for Best Male Actor for his role in the movie 8-ball, and in 2015 he received the Ida Aalberg Foundation’s Actor Award. Eero Aho is sergeant in the Finnish Army Reserve.
    Johannes Holopainen
    Johannes Holopainen’s first role in television was in the TV series Sydänjää, and has also acted in such films as Twisted Roots (2009) and Juoppuhullun päiväkirja (2012). Holopainen graduated with a Master in Theatre Art from Helsinki Theatre Academy in May 2013.
    Jussi Vatanen
    Jussi Vatanen graduated with a Masters in Theatre Art in Spring 2005. He is mainly known of his lead roles in the Lapland Odyssey films, for which he has twice been nominated for Best Male Lead in the Jussi Awards. Vatanen has also won the Kultainen Venla award twice. Jussi Vatanen holds the military rank of sergeant in the Finnish Reserves.
    Aku Hirviniemi
    In addition to his film and TV series work Aku Hirviniemi has been an actor with such institutions as The National Theatre, Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri, Turun Linnateatteri and Lahden kaupunginteatteri. Hirviniemi graduated with Master of Theatre Art in Spring 2008, and has won the Kultainen Venla award twice.
    Hannes Suominen
    Actor Hannes Suominen graduated from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2004. His acting experience includes productions with Tampereen työväen teatteri, Helsingin kaupungin teatteri, Turun Linnateatteri, and also several Matti Ijäs films.
  • SUSI
    Arttu Kapulainen
    Arttu Kapulainen is remembered for his roles in such movies as Freakin’ Beautiful World (1997), The Tough Ones (1999) and Ambush (1999). Kapulainen graduated with a Masters in Theatre Art in Spring 2011. He got a Jussi Award in 1997 for Best Debut in the film Tomas.
    Samuli Vauramo
    Samuli Vauramo had the lead male role in Käsky (Tears of April), the film based on a novel by Leena Lander. Other movies he has starred in include Beauty and the Bastard and War of the Dead.
    Joonas Saartamo
    Joonas Saartamo is known for his part in films like One-Way Ticket to Mombasa, Beauty and the Bastard, Fanatics and Juoppuhullun päiväkirja. Saartamo won a Jussi Award in 2011 for Best Male Actor, and received a Master of Theatre Art in 2012.
    Juho Milonoff
    Juho Milonoff graduated from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 1998 and is presently the director of the KOM Theatre. Milonoff has acted in theatre, radio, films and television series.
    Andrei Alén
    Andrei Alén was born in Helsinki but grew up in London, and graduated in 2009 from East 15 Acting School. He is known for such roles as In Me (2011), Four Wise Monkeys (2016) and Rebellion (2016).
    Paula Vesala
    Paula Vesala studied Dramaturgy at the Finnish Theatre Academy and is currently studying to be a playwright at UCLA in the USA. Vesala has appeared in such movies as Prinsessa, Vuosaari (Naked Harbour) and 3 Simoa, she has also done several film character voice overs.
  • VERA
    Diana Pozharskaya
    Marketta Tikkanen
    Matti Ristinen
    Matti Ristinen is also known as a monologist and has worked closely with several theatres since 1997. On television he is best known for his work in the period drama series Kun Taivas repeää and the hospital series Syke. Ristinen also played a main role in Louhimies’s well-received movie, Kuutamolla.
    Max Ovaska
    Max Ovaska has starred in a number of long and short films, and TV series – and has also done several voice overs in animated films. His best known roles are for the TV series Sydänjää, and for the films Rat King and 8-Pallo.
    Kimi Vilkkula
    Severi Saarinen
    Severi Saarinen graduated from the Finnish Theatre Academy in 2012 and is closely associated with the Tampere Worker’s Theatre. Saarinen starred in the movie Hyvä Poika in 2011.
    Jarkko Lahti
    Eino Heiskanen
    Eino Heiskanen recently graduated from the Finnish Theatre Academy.
  • SALO
    Akseli Kouki
    Akseli Kouki is a high school student from Turku.
    Eemeli Louhimies
    Elias Gould
    Elias Gould is an actor and a singer-songwriter. He had one of the main roles in the movie Miss Farkku Suomi, which premiered in 2012.
    Annika Stenvall
    Oskar Pöysti
    Janne Virtanen
    Pirkka-Pekka Petelius
    Turkka Mastomäki
    Hemmo Karja
    Hemmo Karja became famous for his role in the TV series Salatut Elämät, in which he has starred since 2011. He has also appeared in the popular movie Nightmare 2 – Painajainen jatkuu which premiered in December 2014.